I love to crochet. I love to search out pictures of crochet as inspiration for future projects. I'm always looking for pictures of beautiful things done in crochet. Most of the pictures I find are from the net, and unfortunately, too many of them do not have sources listed. I'm sorry about that. Also, in most cases, I do not have the pattern. I'm looking for inspiration, not always the item as a whole, but maybe a small aspect of it. A color scheme, a stitch, a trim. Sorry, in most cases, I can't provide you with a pattern.

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The blue version is from the book “Crochet For A Quiet Evening”. I made the pink version. I did add a row of single crochet on each edge. I think it’s very pretty, though.

I tell you, the hardest thing is taking a good picture of your work. I guess that’s why we have professionals.

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